FREE TAROT READING for Tuesday 10th July 2018

FREE TAROT READING for Tuesday 10th July 2018

Pick which number first comes to mind, that jumps out at you, that you hear in your mind, that you see in your minds eye, that you just know, and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.

Reading results will be posted at 2:30pm AEST today, little bit earlier today than usual, so let me know what you choose today to see what powerful messages stream through for you.

This is the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan, I super love this deck and it strongly called to be here for you today. Comment below and let me know what number calls you from this powerful deck.

Trust Your Intuition doors are OPEN! These powerful tools to your own life, business and more with deeply grounded and powerful intuition, with clarity, solidarity and of course, deep support from myself and the Trust Your Intuition Tribe is awaiting you!

BUT - it IS a SOUL aligned thing! You will feel the pull in your SOUL for this!

If you want to...

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You receive your intuition in more than just one way...

You receive your intuition in more than just one way...
There are 4 main ways you receive your intuition.... But then there are MANY ways you receive your intuition - you just have to be aware of them, activate them and use them.
The 4 main ways, are through your:
Claircognisence - this is your clear thinking at the top of your head, your Crown, associated with the colour purple, your out of the blue thoughts, it is the ideas that just drop in, it is when you 'just know' 'I just knew that was going to happen'
Clairvoyance - this is your clear seeing, your Third Eye, associated with the colour deep indigo blue, you see signs, you see images inside your minds eye, you 'daydream' alot, you see visions, you also dream alot, you also see physical signs in the physical world
Clairaudience - this is your hearing, your clear hearing, your Ear Portals associated with the colour Magenta pink. You get songs stuck in your head, you 'just...
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Come..... where deep is normal ❤️

Come..... where deep is normal
Come.... where the penetration is not pointed and judged thus separated, but felt in its full spectrum and held deeply compassionately in all it's fullness and glory...
In softness and kindness, for all aspects of being
Even the angry ones....
Even the deeply upset and sad ones....
Even the darkness that you cannot even see yourself....
It’s all held.....
There are few, that can hold such light that sees through the shattered human in all its zillion parts all at once....
There are few that can hold that shattered human in all its zillion parts, with the deepest compassion of the darkness that it doesn’t even see itself in....
Come where the Light and the Dark are equal....
Because in truth?
They are....
There is no separation....
There are only spectrums....
To play at one end only, of the...
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You are not separate from any of it...

You are not separate from any of it... 

When Conscious of Your Connection you are conscious of your Source and in your consciousness of your Source - well, you see there is no separation from any part of it - nothing on this Earth, any other planet or any other galaxy or star system - nothing is separate and you... 

You are all of it. 

You can be it all and not be affected by any part of it all at the same time. 

When you are affected by a part of it, by an aspect of your reality - you have deeply, deeply separated yourself from it. Separated yourself from, yourself. Separated yourself, from who you are. 

For in your separation lies the pain. 

And in the pain, is your beacon back to Source - back to your consciousness of the connection of the Source - which then instantly, reminds you - that you are not separate of that = YOU ARE THAT. 

Your pain is showing you your separation. 

Your pain is showing you where you have disconnected from...

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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!!

Your messages from the Mermaids & Dolphins are here ‍‍

Scroll down to find what number jumped out at you earlier today (or yesterday as I accidentally pressed publish! #yesiamhuman) and see what messages are awaiting you today. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Helpful Person. “Someone wants to help you. Think of whom that might be, and initiate contact.”

Ah, two strong messages beaming through here today - one is - I am getting the message that someone has been on your mind, who can help you, but you’ve been putting it off out of fear or otherwise, yet, this person who can help you has been on your mind and gently ‘tapping you on the shoulder’ so to speak, because they CAN indeed help you and shift you quite fast, more than you realise, in ways you can’t yet see I am getting the message of for you. I am getting the message that you are about to make some quite...

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FREE TAROT READING for Tuesday 3rd July 2018 🔮

FREE TAROT READING for Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Pick which number first jumps out at you, that comes to mind, that your eyes are drawn to, or that you hear in your mind and comment your number below to let me know what number is yours for today. 

Reading results will be posted at 3pm AEST today. 

Only 3 more days until my very first webinar! Yew! I am excited and nervous to navigate new tech! Yet, deeply warmed hearted to hold this sacred and powerful space for and with you! Would love to have you join me for this first ever event!

YOU WERE BORN PSYCHIC How to trust yourself in a world that screams at you not to!  

This is for you if you feel like you have grand plans and ideas, but when you share them, they get shut down or you don't end up doing it because something else takes your energy and focus. 

This is for you, if you know you are highly tuned in and aware, but get confused because people around you say opposite, when you were so darn sure...

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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! for the 26th June 2018.

Scroll down to see what message came through for you today from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue. 

These powerful messages streamed through with an underlying gentleness today - are you being compassionate with yourself? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Sacral Chakra. “You are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, processed foods and energies right now. Respect your sensitivities by avoiding harsh items, situations and relationships.”

This card has an obvious message and the sense that I am getting for you is that you too, already know this. I am feeling that this card has come as a confirmation of what you have already been intuitively getting the message of yourself - about needing to change some aspect of your diet and/or lifestyle. This, being the Sacral Chakra Card, the Sacral Chakra, is where we are nourished at our core - whether you feel...

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How do you know you are experiencing upgrades or ascension symptoms?

How do you know you are experiencing upgrades or ascension symptoms?

I just want to point out firstly, that this isn't about:

ascending out of this planet and leaving Earth
leaving your body and disappearing
going up with the Angels and not coming back


This IS about: 

your physical body being upgraded in vibration
all of your bodies being upgraded in vibration (mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic)
you being able to hold more light in your physical body ON EARTH (yep, we don't need to go anywhere to receive upgrades)
you becoming more conscious and aware of your reality
you receiving deep insight about what it really means to be in Heart Consciousness 
you receiving deep insight about your Purpose on this Earth 
you realising that you change people JUST BY YOUR VIBRATION ALONE (meaning, you don't need to do anything to heal people, whether you are in their physical vicinity or not, your vibration changes people through energy alone, whether they have ever...

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About those upgrades last week? Oh, and Happy Solstice!!!

Hey beautiful! You know how I posted about those upgrades last week? 

(Oh! And Happy Solstice!)

Well, I asked what I needed to do to take extra care of myself to support the process of expansion (because that is all they are), and I received the message to juice fast from Monday lunchtime to Wednesday lunchtime and get more exercise. 

For me, that meant going back to the gym as I realised I hadn't gone to the gym since Adaya was supposed to go back to New Zealand last time. 

And how much I remember that gym to me, means strengthening muscles, which enables my physical body to hold more Light. 

So I did those things. And more. 

And the reveal from them? 

Huge. Amazing. 

And - right on time. #ofcourse

I had been questioning, something felt off, something wasn't right with HOW I was offering my services, of - DOING WHAT I AM MEANT TO BE DOING ON THIS PLANET!

Aka how I was DOING my Life Purpose, wasn't at the highest level and what I contracted in the...

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Awaken Your Psychic Senses Doors Closing!

When intuition drops in - do you listen? I do! I have made too many mis-takes in the past to not, not listen anymore, even when, especially when - it doesn’t make logical sense! So with that - Awaken Your Psychic Senses, closes this Friday! (Thursday if you're not in Australian timezone) Are you in? >> >>
Spiritual Organ Awakening, Healing and Activation
Claircognisence Healing & Activation
Clairvoyance Healing & Activation
Clairaudience Healing & Activation
Clairsentience Healing & Activation
Spiritual Bodies Healing & Activation
Realm Portal Activations
Fine Tuning Your Psychic Senses
Understanding Energy
Past Life Understanding & Healing
Future Life Integration & Activation
Present Day Integration & Activation
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