Dark Moon Release, New Moon Intentions

Dark Moon Release, New Moon Intentions

It has felt like the biggest let go, clean out and release ever hasn't it? 

Cleaning out the old, letting go of what no longer serves you - there has been a huge period this past 2 weeks, of letting go of what no longer serves you, but in a way of many different avenues for some people here, I am sensing 3 main threads here: 

If you haven't been coping, you may be in DEEP grief, being triggered by the slightest little thing, you have been set off by any which way shape or form, and not necessarily into your own stuff going on, but by the weight of the world and what is going on around for humanity. 

You may have been set off by outside influences, but you quickly drop into the grief and realise that actually what is being found as a 'lack of' in your life right now, is something huge that you are shifting through. 

You may be feeling anger at certain people or why are they still even affecting you this badly in a way, when...

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Destiny vs Choice🕊


“If everything is already mapped out for us, what’s the point?” Let’s talk Destiny vs Choice

I had a lady ask a question in my Reality Awareness Support Group on facebook (are you in there? Click here to join my free support group on facebook, if you are not already) And I felt like I had much more depth to share about this topic, so I did a livestream on it here for you. 

Just comment on the video below as you're watching if you have any questions about this contradictory topic? Would love to hear how you feel about this? 

What is the point, and how does it even work, if we are the creators of our reality, but everything is already mapped out for us? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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What if, it isn't your blocks?

What if, it isn't your blocks stopping you from manifesting the thing? What if, it is the Universe wholeheartedly having your back, and stopping you from going down the wrong path? 

What if, the Universe 'did that' to protect you from any negativity that is totally unnecessary? 

What if, the Universe blocked you, showing you how much it cares about you, because it wasn't: 

~ the right time 

~ the right one

~ your Life Path

What if, everything is always working in your favour? 

What if, you are doing the work every single day = so of course it is not your blocks! 

You see, the thing here with manifesting - is that if you are consistently turning up and doing ALL the work - inside and out - EVERY SINGLE DAY and you get seemingly blocked form that thing, you didn't get it, it didn't work out the way you thought it was going to work out, it fell apart - EVEN THOUGH - all the signs were there, it felt right at the time - 

What if - the Universe blocked...

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How I handle overwhelm, frustration and more

A client asked me, how I handle overwhelm, frustration, disappointment and heavy energy and when I was sharing my answer with her, I felt the need to share it with you here too.

How do I handle it?  

My very first answer to her, was that I take time out and go and cry.  

I let myself deeply cry. I drop into grief.  

There is power in tears, there is power in emotional release.  

Some people say, you shouldn't sit in negativity, you shouldn't feel heavy feelings, you shouldn't focus on it.  

I say  to people who tell me what I SHOULD do.  

1. They don't know me  

2. They don't my feelings or my heart  

3. Someone who tells you, you SHOULD do something rather than supporting you where you are at, is to back the fuck away from them and keep going far, far away from them. Energetically, physically, the whole damn lot.  

4. We are human and on this Earth to FEEL - ALL of it. When we learn how to FEEL FAST - we SHIFT FAST. ...

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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!! For 30th April 2019 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!! For 30th April 2019 

Scroll down to find the number you chose earlier today, to see what messages are awaiting you there today on this Beltane Portal of Light day for you.

FINAL HOURS before Trust Your Intuition Investment Increases, click here for all the details before it does.

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen  

Card #1: Inner Temple. Devotion. Tune into the portal of your heart.

Mmmm, this one ‘feels’ yummy this card. You are seeking answers? You are asking every person what’s going on but yourself right? Perhaps you, know the answers and what is the real question here? Do you trust yourself? We will look outside of ourselves and ask everyone the question - the question that we already know the answer to. I am getting the message here, that you already know the answer dear one - I am curious what is stopping you from acting on what you already know to be true? There can be many factors that...

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🔮FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 30th April 2019 🔮


All those connections made through the veils in eons gone by, when Beltane was celebrated, before marriage was spayed, may we remember the Goddess of Her rising reign. Deep in the night, hear the call of those that wake, for She comes to you, tapping you deeply awake 

Beltane When the Goddess is here and the veils are thin, may the sea pierce your skin and hear the call through the ocean skin, may you hear the call of Her song to let your Heart be strong, to be the LIFE that you came here to sing   

No wonder Past Life threads are being snipped and released more than ever before, I feel so strongly, deep love is in the air... do you receive Her?   

What a FREQUENCY! Do you, feel Her? Do you, let Her IN?   

Mmmm Work Your Light Oracle Cards called deeply for this dear Beltane 

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 30th April 2019 

Pick which number jumps...

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When the realisation has come and you can’t deny your Soul anymore...

When the realisation has come and you can’t deny your Soul anymore...
When you know it is time for the shifts you feel deep inside to align in your physical reality...
When you felt it move deeply about 2 weeks ago and you can’t deny that longing in your Soul anymore...
When you can’t allow what was once, to be here in your face anymore...
When those visions you keep being shown in your Third Eye cannot be ignored anymore...
When the longing of your Soul can’t hide anymore, and the call to unite the lost parts of yourself are stronger than you can deny...
You’ve shifted and awakened to a deeper level of yourself...
Nothing is hidden, nor can be denied...
The depths of your Souls Purpose is longing to arise, the internal shift has already been felt, taken place, the fires have long been held...
The longest death of darkness has arisen and your Soul...
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All weekend I have felt off. Something just wasn't right. Or, I just couldn't place it. And it actually started Friday morning for me, I woke up feeling off. But it was a different... 'off'. Doing all my usual things and just being aware of it, Friday was a huge day for me doing, what I love of course. 

That night I got a text from my ex. Gah. No wonder I was feeling shit all day. #ignored

I knew Saturday would be a restish day, recouping my energy and spending time with Adaya - and I still felt off. I just was being with it, doing my normal energy clearing and tracing things, but just off. I knew I was tired from a huge day the day before, a huge week and huge weeks prior to this. I was being gentle, kind to myself and was looking forward to sleep. 

This morning. Still. Off. 

I laid in bed, not needing to get...

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The Doreen Virtue Topic


The Doreen Virtue Topic - My views on what’s going on and what this has to do with Atlantis, Lumeria & Christ Consciousness 

Trust Your Intuition is OPEN and investment is increasing next week:

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The thing about your Third Eye 👁 Your Clairvoyance, this ‘Seeing’ 👁🌟


The thing about your Third Eye  Your Clairvoyance, this ‘Seeing’ 

Trust Your Intuition is OPEN:

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