Standing in your power, truth and authenticity can make you shake in your boots 👢

Standing in your power, truth and authenticity can make you shake in your boots

When you need to voice your truth, when you need to say what you really need to say, when you are holding your ground in something that is right for you - you can still walk away from the situation shaking because you just held your ground, spoke your truth and had to continue to hold that in that space. 

That isn't always easy! 

Even if you are well versed in standing your ground, holding your truth and speaking it at the same time - there are some situations that make you shake - and it is normal to hold your ground and shake at the same time! 

However, it gets easier as you hold your ground, but that doesn't mean you won't shake or have to recover from the experience. 

There are times when we will question if we should've - sometimes the immediate outcome can seem worse than we expected or held our ground for in the first place, but it is so important to remember that 99% of the...

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The truth about why you are so angry, frustrated and ultimately scared of 'what the government is doing'


The truth about why you are so angry, frustrated and ultimately scared of 'what the government is doing'?

They seem to have a lot of power and control.

And right there - is your KEY.

You are angry - because under all anger is sadness.

Sadness that they are hurting people on the planet. Their own fellow kind.

And you just wish that they would just wake the f*%k up already.

I see you, I see you so angry, frustrated and at it's core of this is absolute powerlessness at what to do.

Yes, people have written books, movies even on the 'world order' and what is coming.

Maybe it is.

Maybe it isn't.

Why the maybe's?


Honey, all of our tomorrows are created by the choices, actions and thoughts we do, think, say, be and act on today. THAT is how tomorrow is created, which is creating our future.

Come on.

If you are aware, spiritual, conscious of 'what they are doing'  and are feeling what I am writing or getting agitated and angry at me, because 'I am...

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I realised something huge yesterday....

I realised something huge yesterday.... 

After the fiasco of am I moving or am I staying that has been a bit of a dilemma for a few months for me (did you watch my - you wouldn't even read about it livestream a few weeks back?!).... 

I realised something huge yesterday... 

After deciding to stay for another 12 months, I signed the lease and was done with it. 

All of a sudden the cats calmed down and weren't so crazy anymore.... for MONTHS they have been picking up my 'do I stay or do I go' energy and everything shifted when I made a decision. 

Things became crazy in other areas of my life though... and yet, I was just dealing with the aftermaths of many things - like 5 years of being 'on the run' - and yet, that is the aftermath of coming out of a life and reality of living in an adrenaline fuelled life that was normal from societies standards that has been reeking havoc on my system for like... my entire life. 

The mould situation in the ensuite...

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Even the numb, lost, directionless, confused feelings - are a feeling!

Even the numb, lost, directionless, confused feelings - are a feeling! They are not to be confused that there is something wrong with you - there isn't. There is no right or wrong with the LIGHT and the DARK and all spaces in between - nor the 'controlling people of the world promoting it'. You see - they are just pointing out reality - it is you, dear Lightworker, that are attaching a negative connotation onto it. You haven't reclaimed your power in your TRANSFORMER gift that you ARE. You are separating yourself from your own DAMN POWER. #timetoreclaimthatnow 

You're just - RECALIBRATING. 

You are TRANSITIONING from your old life to your new. 

You might feel like everything you've ever done is pointless. 

You might feel like what is the point to anything anymore. 

It might seem like all those goals you worked towards all this time - aren't even valid anymore because of the current world situation and again you drop into well what is the point anymore to any...

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🔮 Reading Results are IN 🔮 for 27th July 2021

Reading Results are IN for 27th July 2021

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today to see what messages are awaiting you there from the Divine Animals Oracle 

Oooh, Celebrations abound as 5 Years of Reality Awareness Online takes for huge changes that are setting the tone for some solid foundations and I deeply drop into my Purpose to guide, support and carry you forward -  into YOUR Life Purpose.

Celebrating 5 dedicated years -  with 30min Psychic Readings for July, click here for all the details:

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Red Fox - Strategy. 

Something new has come to your mind, come into your awareness.  An opportunity that you had let go of, forgotten about - or made yourself forget about because you just - let it go. Didn’t think it was possible at this time, thought you would do something else first - however,  ...

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🔮PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 27th July 2021 🔮

PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 27th July 2021  

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment below to let me know what number you choose today.

July marks 5 Years of Reality Awareness Online and I am celebrating with 30min Psychic Readings! Supporting you with clarity to move forward again, healing the things on your mind or perhaps you are just wondering what your Spirit Guides are wanting to say to you. Click here for all the details, July is almost over:

The Divine Animals Oracle was calling again this week, they were here not long ago, so I am curious what messages come through for you today 

Reading results will be posted at 3pm AEST/6am BST/10pm PDT 

Create a magic day, afternoon or evening, where ever you are in the world  

See you at 3pm...

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Crystalline Chakra Journey - Welcome to the Integration Consciousness

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Psychic Readings 🔮

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Paradigm Shifts, Layers Lifted, New Beginnings...

A Release of Energy Like Never Before 🔥 The Cap Has Come Off, Grounding Into You - all on Base Chakra Week of course!
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Psychic Readings 🔮🌟

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