If you feel like a part of you is dying, it is because it is.

If it feels like a part of you is dying, it is because it is.

Allow this space.

It isn’t what you’ve lost, it is what you are aligning to and moving towards.

The Wolf has been strong in my awareness today and the Wolf is the symbolism of shedding aspects and parts of your consciousness that is no longer needed.

Wolf is also the Animal Totem of Silver, in The Liquid Crystals, which is deeply connected to the Moon and in this midst of the eclipses, there is a big space of ‘nothingness’ right now.

There is space, there is a breath almost, where it feels like nothing is moving, nothing is happening, nothing is going to happen, nothing….. is.

Do not be fooled beautiful one - this ‘space’ is the most fertile space there is right now.

This space, this ‘darkness’ is where you fertile seeds in the moist, rich soil is planted.

This space in the mud, is where the lotus flower blooms to the sunny skies above.

If it feels like a part...

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Day #1: Diamond Energy Clearing

Okay beautifuls! Are you ready for this? 31 Days of Super Tips to Clear Your Energy (most without needing to meditate in lotus position!)
Now, whilst having a basic understanding of meditation is important moving through these tips to clear your energy over the next 31 Days I am passionate about making it practical and simple to use in your busy day to day modern life so you actually do it and keep doing it. Just like brushing your teeth or having a shower
These are designed (like all my trainings/meditations and more) to do ‘on the run’ so you kinda have no excuse not to clear your energy
You can read them, and imagine yourself doing it as you read what it is saying. Over these 31 Days, you will find one (or more!) that truly resonates with a big YES and these will become your solid grounding tools that you can use when you are driving home from the shops and sense you are carrying energy, or picked up something that isn’t...
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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨


READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!!

Overlying Card for today?

Go Now! Serapis Bay - if there is a situation you know isn't right for you, something is, not aligned anymore - just trust yourself and leave. It's okay to trust yourself. You know what is right for you. #trust

Scroll down to find what number you chose for today to see what messages streamed through from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, for you today beautiful one. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Osiris. Father, Son, Husband, Brother.

Whilst this card has the obvious meaning of healing the masculine, the strong message coming through here is about boundaries. I am sensing that there is a need to put some boundaries in place - and there are several that are coming to mind as I write this for you, by becoming super aware of your energy and what you are thinking about lost of the time, is there someone that keeps coming to mind that you have issues with? A boundary here would be to not, not...

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Tuesday Tarot is here!! Free Psychic Reading for Tuesday 31st July

Tuesday Tarot is HERE!!!! Free Psychic Reading! Did you know, that tomorrow, marks 2 years that I have been sharing Tuesday Tarot with you??? I HAVE NOT MISSED A TUESDAY!!!!!!!! That's cause for celebration!
That's a lot of Tuesday Tarot's hey? So exciting!!!!
To celebrate this amazing milestone, I have been guided to offer my 21 Day Shifter Program which is:
unlimited psychic readings
unlimited questions
unlimited voice messaging
unlimited text messaging
With me for 21 Days for $97!
This used to be $997, yet with my big restructure and celebrating 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot, I have been guided to offer this 21 Days for $97 to celebrate!!!! Click here for all the details for this celebratory offer for August, marking 2 amazing years:
Sooo excited to channel these messages for you today, from the Ascended Masters -...
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Want to know my secrets for staying on top of my game?

Want to know my secrets for staying on top of my game?
Now, let me define staying on top of my game, which, will probably - no, obviously be different to the norm, because I am not the norm
Staying on top of my game, doesn’t mean that I am perfect, I have it all together all the time, never cry or have my life completely in order. Quite the opposite most of the time.
But what staying on top of my game means to me? What my secrets are?
Are connecting to the natural rhythms and cycles of my life, my body, the moon and how I work best? Is immersion. Meaning, I will sit there until something is DONE. I do it all at once. And I get agitated when I get interrupted when I am in full flow.
This immersion means that I will over a period of either days, weeks, months or years, go in cycles of doing things, not doing things, changing it, and more. For example, I:
~ will go through phases of waking at 5am for a...
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When was the last time you cleared your energy?

When was the last time you cleared your energy? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Last year? Can you… imagine not having a shower for that long? You’d be pretty smelly and dirty right?
The first thing to do, when you are feeling:
~ lost
~ confused
~ not sure
~ angry
~ can’t sleep or waking in the night
~ excess worrying
~ anxiety
Is to clear your energy.
This is the number 1 step to use, when you need to run through your self care checklist so you know you are clear and centred and YOU.
We are energy beings, we are made up of atomic particles that are vibrating at different densities. Even the air around us isn’t really space in between us, it is just a different density of vibration.
We don’t need to be in the vicinity of someone to pick up their energy. Carrying their energy, this goes into an entirely separate conversation on why you would be carrying...
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Yep, wtf right? (more on that down below, eclipse energies, first)
As we head into the gateway of the 3 day window opening right about now/today - I always say, 3 days either side of peak moon times - you feel them.
It is like the ‘doors open’ to the lead up to the peak of the actual Full Moon Eclipse time.
You'll feel them through either a grinding type, agitated energy or, heightened sensitivity or anxiety or more, or falling down in absolute tears, grief, losing your shit and more..
With the Eclipse Portal opening, past relationships are coming to the surface, you may be wondering what it is all about, after so long of no contact and that 'you've already dealt with this' and what this means for this relationship to be back in your awareness/contact again.
All that is happening is the bits that are still in your field are surfacing for clearing, that's all.
You don't need to do...
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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!! What a powerful channel today from the Oracle of the Mermaids Deck, by Lucy Cavendish. 

Are you ready to face your shadow? Are you ready to face the darkness? Are you ready to see, what you are not seeing? 

No surprise this was the overlying message for it all, which is exactly what I have been sharing this past few days... 

What is it, that you are pining for? What is your Heart, longing for? THIS is the overlying message and answers all the questions you're asking. 

Scroll down to find your number that was calling you earlier today, it is now awaiting you dear one. 

Warmly, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Yamaya. Yemaya, Grandmother Ocean, Primordial.

The deep Mother’s womb - in so many ways. Grandmother Ocean is calling you - are you listening? The Ocean, even the Mermaids themselves, when they are making their presence known to you, this is the time to face the deep dark stuff. The dark, is only...

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FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 24th July 2018 ✨🔮✨

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 24th July 2018 

Pick which number first jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you first hear in your mind, that your eyes are drawn to, maybe you just know the number or you sense it. Trust which card calls you and comment your number below to let me know which number is yours today.
Reading results will be posted at 4pm AEST.

I feel pretty excited to be releasing this to you today!!!

With all the Third Eye battering and energy flying around the place recently for alot of people, with deep, deep healing of core wounds as we lead up to our Full Moon Eclipse this weekend I have been intuitively called to release this Get Clear - the Sacred Keys in Receiving Clear Intuition, which is the deep healing and repair of your Spiritual Organs - yes, including your Third Eye! 

Get Clear IS how you start to hear your Angels, your Guides, your Intuition and so much more - this is 'how they do it' and receive...

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When you gain a deeper understanding, you gain a deeper sense of compassion

When you gain a deeper understanding you gain a deeper sense of compassion. Yet - this will come deeply when you have been triggered by something deep within.
When you can look within, honour your authentic hearts feelings about the entire situation and deeply hold space for yourself within the trigger of the situation (yes, this comes with deep practise and knowing to call on and pull in all your resources in that moment and until the situation disperses).
When you hold yourself in this deep space of compassion for your honest authentic hearts feelings in the situation without projecting, blaming or even speaking to the situation/person, what unfolds is nothing short of a miracle.
You will have been triggered, due to some deep resonance within your own being.
And when you hold this powerful space for your own trigger - eventually, your Heart - shows you what is really going on.
You attract the resources and support you...
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