Call of the Goddess Dark Moon and New Moon January 2019

Call of the Goddess Dark Moon and New Moon January 2019

We are heading into our Dark Moon, the time of shedding, just like the Snakes shed their skin, we too, go through cycles, just like our Mother, the Sunrise, the Sunset, the Moonrise, the Moonset, the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

It feels like a very cathartic Dark Moon, which peaks on Sunday at 11:28am. Even though we have stepped into a New Year and the energy is starting to shift as everyone goes back to work mode and preparing for the year ahead, rather than thinking about gatherings, the collective is moving forward again.

Yet, there is profound understanding of what lays ahead this year. It feels like you are super motivated to get organised and make 2019 the best year you’ve ever had, and perhaps you’ve already chosen that within you - now bring it OUT and make it happen.

Manifestation is a two-fold event, just as I say, there is only so much inner work you can do, you MUST take action on your intuition and...

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Clearing Negative Energy ebook

Ooooooh, excitedly sharing with you that my new eBook is now released!
Start 2019 off right with my Clearing Negative Energy eBook that can:
shed all the past hurts
shift your energy into alignment with this powerful year of 2019
keep your focus
let go of other's energy
align your heart and Soul with the clarity of your intuition by keeping your energy clear and clean
A clean slate for 2019 right?
Click here for all the details and bring in a clean sweep for 2019 for only $7 (limited time!):
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen
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I am getting asked lots of questions about where you can learn more about Atlantis and I am sharing this post to support these questions and to help you.


Of course, there are many more resources you can learn about them so if you know more, share below to support everyone.


These are a few books I have read and highly recommend (well, I haven't read the Lost Lands in this post here, but so many people have told me about it, the rest I have read here).


So, choose what draws you and go for it dear Soul!


PLUS there is my Atlantean Meditation in the Reality Awareness Support Group, send me a message if you can't find it and I can tag you in it


Books photographed here are:


~ The Mists Of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley (there are 3 in this series, highly recommend them all, this is King Arthurian, High Priestess time, which is where everyone came, after the fall of Atlantis)


~ The Lost Lands, by...

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  • Intense loneliness 
  • uncontrollable crying 
  • thinking everyone is out to get you or that they have it better than you 
  • physical aliments that make you go wtf
  • that cold and fever but it isn't
  • truths rising so thick and fast you wonder how you never saw any of it prior to now

These are just some of the symptoms the collective group deeply and intimately connected to Atlantis are experiencing right now. 

I had heard several clients experiencing intense crying and grieving and intense loneliness this past few days and yes, of course it is natural to feel these things over Christmas and New Year when not everyone has their family or loved ones near them. 

Yet, this morning, I realised  how much deeper this thread is.


I have several students and clients going through crazy physical aliments that have come 'out of the blue'. Physical symptoms involving solar plexus, sacral and...

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I trust you had/are having a magical New Years, bringing in 2019 in a way that called YOUR SOUL and you deeply honoured your Heart in this, whatever that looks like for you
Strong clearing and deep magical activating Atlantean energy through the Oracle of the Mermaids Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish today for you on this 1st January 2019. What a way to start 2019, being deeply guided by this powerful energy.
Scroll down to find your number that you chose earlier today and see what messages the Mermaids have for you to start your 2019.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen
Card #1: Honour The Masculine. ‘Respecting men, embracing the masculine divine.”
Ah, as soon as I saw this card, all I heard was ‘boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.’ and I am wondering where your boundaries are? Are you clear in what you say yes to and what you say no to? Or are you...
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Happy New Year!!! CREATE YOUR YEAR, because you CAN!!! 

The Divine Mermaids called to be here for Tuesday Tarot of course, (yes, they were only here the other week for TT!) with all this Atlantean Energy around recently! I am deeply curious what flows through for you on this powerful 1st January 2019 

Choose which number first jumps out at you, that comes to mind, that your eyes are drawn to, that you hear in your mind, that you just know, that you just sense and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose to welcome in 2019. 

Reading results will be posted at 3pm AEST/5am GMT/9pm PST 

Only 10 Days Left before the 21 Day Shifter Program investment increases, if you want unlimited support, help and questions answered to start your 2019 off on the right foot and move you rapidly into your powerful year of celebrating who you really are and what you are here to do, click here for all...

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New Years Week, Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 31st December 2018 🥳


New Years Week, Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 31st December 2018

Investment increase for the 21 Day Shifter Program, click here before it increases:

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From this moment forth and my deep integral intentions for 2019 and beyond are:

From this moment forth and my deep integral intentions for 2019 and beyond are:

That I am no longer tolerating people who don’t respect my boundaries or get shitty when I say no.

That I am no longer tolerating people who back stab me and then pretend/talk to my face like it’s fine and all nice - trust me, Spirit shows me the truth and makes it clear who stays close to me in my life and who does not.

I no longer have a tolerance for those not taking responsibility for their own shit in their life and actions they have made in the past and trying to talk me into believing their own lies.

I no longer have a tolerance for two face bullshit and inauthenticity, no matter who it is.

I no longer will hold back what isn't mine to hold back and I release control of what no longer serves me.

I no longer have a tolerance for those who are not willing to do the work and change their life. I have plenty of tools available for free to do this - for FREE - because I believe in you to...

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Free Meditation Internal Compass Chakra Clearing 🧭

Feeling foggy? Needing clarity? Needing direction and some insight to what is going on for you? Wanting direction on your Life Purpose?
Feeling physical sick? Are you carrying someone’s energy? Have you cleared your energy since you’ve felt sick?
It is like the VERY first thing to check in with! Put your hand on it and ask, ‘Is this mine?’ And trust the answer you receive. Then CLEAR.
It is a busy time of year and around a lot of people that you aren’t usually around much and it is easy to step into familiar energetic patterns and take on other’s energy.
My FREE Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation:
clears your chakras
clears your energy
resets your energy frequency field
resets your Internal Compass so you can reset YOUR UNIQUE PATH
strengthen your energetic systems so you aren’t ‘knocked’ so much by everything else around you all the time
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When I walked upon the top of the cliff, I saw this, and knew why I walked up here in the first place. All I saw, heard and felt, was 'Atlantis'.
The healing activation beds in Atlantis are beyond this time - yet they still deeply exist - I didn't want to move out of this pool once I was in it! I stayed here for ages!
The past 3 days, Atlantis energy has been strong and VERY present.
A deep remembering of your skills from this Ancient City that is deeply active, alive and very, very real.
You may hold deep pain your heart, from being cast out as the civilisation disappeared - deep into our subconscious and what is happening now - with your intuitive skills - is you are becoming aware of yours and other people's subconscious stuff, well before they are even conscious of it. (If you need to reactivate your skills on this, please watch this livestream here on it: ...
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