READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!!

Scroll down to find your number that you chose today to see what messages streamed through from Archangel Raphael for you today, our Healing Archangel. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Diet is Important Here. “Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for guiding me to make positive eating and drinking choices, and for reducing or eliminating my cravings for unhealthful substances.”

When this card comes up, it has it’s obvious meaning of needing to change your diet - however there were two main messages that came straight through when I saw this card for you - one is that it feels like if you have been making dietary changes that to keep going with them! Even if you haven’t been 100% strict, or not 100% ‘doing it right’, this is your sign that you whatever changes you have started making recently are having a positive impact on your body and life. I am getting the message that it may...

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FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 4th September 2018 ✨🔮✨

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 4th September 2018
Hello Spring & Autumn - our transition months around the globe
Pick which number first draws your attention, first jumps out at you, that your eyes are drawn to, that you first hear in your mind, that you just know, or that you just sense and comment your number below to let me know what number you have chosen this week.
Reading Results will be posted at 3pm AEST today.
I received the date to close the Life Purpose Mentorship in this last few days! The doors are open now, but will close on the 22nd September!
If you're wanting to take your business and life to the next level, the Life Purpose Mentorship pulls you into deep alignment of what you're here to do on Earth.
Right now, the Crown Chakra has commenced and this is the first in the Rapid Ascension Awakening Series of the Chakras - this is the start of the depth of your BODY on this Earth and...
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It's not just you babe... 

There has been a shift... 

And we are all feeling it. 

A variety of feelings going on for many people I am seeing: 

~ Extreme tiredness 
~ Sleeping for hours and hours (yes, I just went and had a healing done, but I see MANY are sleeping for yonks right now! I was getting the message in my wake ups between my 16 hour stint that a collective wave was going through the planet with energetic upgrades!)
~ Heavy as physical body feeling, like you are feeling the weight of your human body self
~ Or not being able to sleep
~ extreme thirst, like you can't drink enough water
~ Missing people from your past, wondering why it didn't work and grieving them (important to grieve this babe - making energetic space for someone new )
~ Bumping into people that are like from your past, you just know they are reflecting your past, but you are 'coming to this round' with a deeper insight and conscious...

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I have been getting many enquiries about private Psychic Readings with me - YES I do them
How does it work?
~ 30 Minute Phone or facebook messenger video call
~ Book and schedule an appointment
~ Gain your clarity and answers to propel you forward
What can we discuss on your Psychic Reading?
~ Relationship issues
~ Health
~ Regaining your energy back
~ Healing from a Broken Heart
~ Finding your Soulmate
~ Money increases
~ Career & Life Purpose Awakening
~ Healing past wounds
~ Past Life Integrations & Connections
~ Realm Attunements
~ Spiritual Healing
~ Increasing the love and abundance in your life
If you're wondering whether you should stay or leave a particular situation, or just wondering what your next step on the direction of Awakening Your Life Purpose is - anything can be brought to this Psychic Reading to find your answers and propel...
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Day #31: You Are The Clearing

Day #31: You Are The Clearing

Just by a thought - you either think light or dark. Just by a thought you are either the Light itself, or you think are separate from it.

The question is - which do you choose?

As you take a deep inhale - you bring your awareness into the Spark of Light that you are - that you have within you.

Bring your mind focus here to this Light Spark as you inhale deeply.... and as you exhale, your Light spark, expands into your blood, and your blood travels through your body, lit up, ignited with this Light Spark that is flowing from a limitless Source that is deep within you.

Just by a thought - you can tap into a well of limitless abundance and resources - just by bringing your focus here. 

As you continue to inhale your mind focus goes to your Inner Spark of Light, and every exhale, your Light expands into your blood and moves/travels around your body.

Every inhale your mind focus to your Light Spark…

Every exhale, it ignites your blood and...

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Day #29: What You Actually See

Day #29: What You Actually See

Pure Training. That's all. You were trained for 12 years (or so/not!) at school - they brain trained you a certain way.... you did it for 12 years... you can put in some dedicated brain training now - to be able to be how you really want to be.. instead of how they made you so.. 

Think about it - 12 Years (or so) you did that for..... 

So when you - feel like giving up - or go a day without doing your mindset/energy/self care/project dedications to create the life you really want - just remember - you sat there for 12 years! 

It can give you the motivation to keep going... on that day... 

Because when you look back in 5 or 10 years time - you will be glad you didn't miss a day - why? 


And that is when it 'carries itself' 'becomes normal'. 

And the message I am getting is - just finish this decade. So where are you at in your decade that you are in - just finish your decade - so if you are...

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"I hate you" "I love you"

"I hate you" "I love you"

I forget that other people forget... when this is so prominent in my everyday reality - this is my normal.

I forget how much I live a very different lifestyle to most.

I forget how psychic I am at times!

Because it is just my normal.

And what comes with this?

The incredible depth and sensing energy, beyond the normal day to day lives.

Being able to travel the energy waves without leaving my body.

Being able to see all your shit, through your device, well, not really - just straight through the direct energy line that links you and me. There is no time and space.

And I forget, that the incredible shifts I have had, especially in the last 9 months - has been because I started saying - I love you.

I realised how negative I was being.

I realised how unhappy I was.

I realised how cyclic my emotions were.

I realised how tired I got.

And the hugest factor that shifted me?

You might want to grab a pen and paper and write this bit down, or open the notes in your...

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Day #30: Allow the Soil to Settle - The Key To Mastery


Day #30: Allow the Soil to Settle - The Key To Mastery

You can be clearing energy, clearing energy and clearing energy.

And then you can be doing inner work, inner work, inner work.

And then the Soil needs to settle.

What do I mean by this?

When you are clearing energy, doing internal work - consistently - Integration time is sooooo important.

So often people think themselves to be bad, wrong or ‘not good enough’ when they sit down and watch netflix and in the back of their mind think they should be meditating and beat themselves up and feel worse.

And what I say??

It’s integration time honey!!!

There is a delicate balance to life - EVERYTHING is in Balance.

The inflow and the outflow..

Your in breath and your out breath.

Night time and day time.

And it is all happening - ALWAYS at the same time ALWAYS.

Think about it - there isn’t a time you aren’t breathing (unless you’re not here anymore!)

There isn’t a time when it isn’t...

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Wait on - before your brain starts talking and telling me otherwise - yep - did you catch yourself before I did? Yes or no?
If you answered ANYTHING but yes to that question you MUST get my FREE Money Mindset Training now...
If you don't want to - of course! Choice is yours... Yet, if you are sick and tired about worrying about money, and find some darn freedom again (do you even remember what that is!?) then I am sharing this now because I got the intuitive nudge to as there are many I am seeing NEED THIS!
This free training?
I was going to charge for it and it took me soooo long to release this training to you when I created it - and then I realised why - because it has to be for free, not charging for it! People NEED this information and there needs to be NO EXCUSE! And they need it NOW.
Now - when you get into the training, I HIGHLY recommend listening to...
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Day #28: The Air You Breathe

Day #28: The Air You Breathe

Any moment in time, you are always breathing Air. Always. It is like the only constant thing right? Your breath. It is the only thing that is always there, that never leaves you, that is consistent. 

When you build a relationship with your Breath? 




Always there. 



Your inhale and your exhale. 

You want a partner for life? That - right there - you've got one. You always have. 

It's you Your breath. Build your relationship with it and notice what the Universe notices you focusing energy on

That's not what I wanted to share in this post, but that just came out 

The Air You Breathe. 

Imagine you are breathing in a particular colour. 

Inhaling deep into your Stomach, middle lung and right up to your upper lung. Your 3 chambered breath. Exhale. 

Notice what colour of light you are inhaling - what colour is it? 

And as you...

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