Energy Update - Portals are Opening

Energy Update - Portals are Opening, activating and allowing the higher pathways. 

I am being told there is a key date coming up - the 23rd October is a key significant shift in global and interpersonal events and relationships. 

They are saying it is a key activation period from the 23rd-25th October and like a higher portal of energy is streaming through - almost like a potent power portal type thing that when channeled, can totally amplify what is going on in your life. 

It is like a gateway is opening, they are showing me, like an energetic - hmmm, I am not sure how to describe it - almost like we have an opportunity to walk right into another dimension. 

Now - when I say these things, I am not feeling like we have/are going to disappear to another dimension like the Mayans did.. or are we Nah... ha.. I don't know.. or maybe? 

No... the sense that I am getting is that this portal, this crucial period of time, this gateway portal - is like, yes...

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READING RESULTS ARE IN for 18th Sept '18 dear Souls!!! 🌟🔮🌟

The Soul's Journey Cards super called to be here today - YOUR SOUL IS CALLING YOU - are you listening to that call?
Scroll down to find what number jumped out at you today and see what messages the Soul's Journey Oracle has for you today.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen
Card #1: Patience. I accept that everything happens in divine and perfect order.
Ah - I am sure this is not the card you were wanting today? Wanting something to happen sooner that it is here? Like - yesterday!? The Patience card, is deeply connected to the Base Chakra (finances, trust, sexuality, physical reality, life purpose), even though this card has a yellow back ground and yellow is deeply connected to your Solar Plexus (self worth, self esteem, trust in self, belief in self, personal power) I am getting a strong message for you with this card that - what you have been working through - is ALMOST coming...
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Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

The best way to do that?

Do your OWN thing! Forget what they are doing! 

If you find yourself getting triggered and then NOT paying attention to that - you can get easily pulled of path - deeply!!

Now - it is important to note - we are human and we will always get triggered! 

Everybody does, every body has 'emotional stuff' - some are just better at hiding it, and usually have a lot of physical symptoms to show instead, so I don't know they hide it as such... and are not really 'better' at hiding it... just... the point is... every body has 'stuff'! 

Some go into denial... 

Some point the fingers at others... and tell them how wrong they are doing their thing and what they are teaching - yeah wtf?! Do you see what you are doing if you do this? #goodness

Some have trigger ping pong and don't know who started who or where you end and they start and it can go on for months, or years, without even being aware of...

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🌟ALL WILL BE REVEALED 🌟#energyupdate

ALL WILL BE REVEALED #energyupdate
Is all I keep hearing...
#ofcourse - as we step into Ear Chakra Week in my free facebook support group for our free intuition training!
I keep getting the intuitive message that - you will be shown!
About 12 hours from now, is the peak First Quarter Moon...
The message of when - is that 'all will be revealed by the Full Moon' which is next Tuesday (24th/25th).
If you are feeling:
~ foggy
~ not sure
~ something feels 'off'
~ feel like something good is coming, but can't place your finger on what exactly
~ that you want to break out of something and are very clear about that
~ that you feel trapped and not sure which way to go
~ feel in a bit of limbo
~ feeling SUPER sensitive - like your senses are switched ON, like more than before, that you feel the slightest vibrations going on around you from things you don't normally feel, smell things that no one...
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Soulmate Friendships 😍😍😍


Soulmate Friendships 

Here is a free training video I did in my Reality Awareness Facebook Support Group, (which is free to join and you can join our tribe here if you're not already in there with us: ) 

On Calling In Soulmate Friendships! 

Here are the links I mentioned in the video training: 

Rose Bush Analogy: 

Power My Life Mindset Training:

Picking Up Other's Subconscious Stuff:

Soulmate Friendships Audio Affirmations: 

Soulmate Friendships PDF Affirmations: 


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Spiritual Awakening - Why am I sleeping so much?

Having a spiritual awakening and/or having a next level ascension shift within yourself and your own life - is like, being 'born again' and - if you can imagine it like a new born baby, having lots of naps, then as they grow up, they need less and less sleep, but as they turn into an adult they still need sleep, because our physical body physically needs this to function on this Earth plane.
Every time you learn something new, your whole brain, body and more, needs to rewire adjust and shift.
So, sleeping all the time/a lot through a growing spurt if you may - is normal!!! (Just like a child right?!)
Your consciousness, is like a child if you may... always growing...
And when you consciously do inner work and consciously expand/grow your consciousness with personal development - you need integration time and to sleep!
Now, yes, this can happen fast.
Yet, it usually takes practise for those ‘fast’...
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Let alone the fact that we are moving into Ear Chakra week in my free private group, for our Free Intuition Training (are you in there yet?? ) 

Ear Chakras - Clairaudience - it is how we HEAR our intuition - are you LISTENING? 

You may be able to feel the potent power of the energy influx that has poured in, in this past 12-16 hours... 

It is intense, chaotic, powerful and potent... 

And.... are you using it - or are you letting it use you? 

What do you need to channel, what do you need to create? 

What do you need to DO? 

That could look like a lot of different things for many different people. 

  • resting 
  • sleep 
  • writing
  • creating
  • getting shit done
  • cleaning out (stuff that's been sitting there for YEARS)
  • letting go 
  • organising 


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The surface stuff may trigger you… but what is DEEPER, what is UNDER that… TRAVEL THAT.


Which is… after all, my gift… straight to the CORE.

Straight to HEART of the matter.

It is just… what I do. Naturally.


That powerful place.

That…. safe place.

That…. place of Love.




If you are going to keep reading, I am letting you know, you MAY get triggered by this post. You may get upset by this post. If you choose to keep reading, please, if you get upset, please seek help and support - not bitch about me behind my back about it, please speak to me, or speak to a support person in your life.

I am here… deeply sharing my process… as I do… and even hesitated writing this, in depth, because…. of the content and nature of it.

This is usually only stuff I share - my deepest processes for my...

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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!!

Scroll down to find your number today to see what The Secret Language of Colour Oracle has for you today 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Orange. Nurture Yourself.

Ah - well, do I need to write more about this?? Nurture Yourself. It feels like you have been giving to a situation in a big, big way lately and whilst it doesn’t feel overly draining or ‘hard’ - which for you - is actually new in a way? Like, in a sense the message I am getting is that you have been ‘stretching’ yourself in a new way. Has there been a new situation you have been in, in your life recently? Or you have started a new regimen or program or something? It feels like you have been pushing yourself, but not pushing yourself so much - more - just stretching yourself into a new environment, a new space and this card? Comes as your reminder to nurture yourself too. The clear message I am getting is take a look at...

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Free Psychic Reading ❤️🔮❤️

Pick which number that first jumps out at you, that your eyes are drawn to, that you see in your minds eye, that you just know, that you just sense or you are drawn to and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.
The Secret Language of the Colour Cards by Inna Segal we’re calling today, I look forward to seeing what messages come through from the Colour Therapy Oracle for you today
Reading Results will be posted at 3pm AEST today.
The Life Purpose Mentorship is OPEN right now, yet will doors are closing Saturday this week!
~ Take your intuition to new heights
~ Completely embody your Soul into your body on this Earth
~ Divinely Guided Business Strategies
~ Awaken Your Life Purpose
~ Rapid Ascension Awakening Access
~ Your complete guide to every chakra, in depth, the awakening of your consciousness, hence your...
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