I have been called to open the Life Purpose Mentorship for a very limited time only!!

This is for people who are:  

Trying to, struggling with or wanting to up-level their skills in business, mindset, journalling, money, Life Purpose and more  

Wanting to understand more about journalling and 'how to do it right' even if you don't have a business yet or even want to but know this can help your life or 'prepare' you for one  

Have a business currently, or are looking to start a business in their field  

For Entrepreneurs who have crazy ideas and don't know how or where to start and are scared to even tell people because of past responses from people  

Who are wanting to increase their income, whether they are in business or at 'normal' work  

Who need support, tools and different ideas to increase your clientele  

If you feel like something is missing in your current role of your...

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There is this nothingness, but there is everything at the same time.

There is this nothingness, but there is everything at the same time. It has felt empty, but it actually isn't that either. Something has deeply changed, and nothing has the same meaning anymore. 

That... space.. in between the in breath.... and the out breath.... 

There has been intense months of deeply recoding my cellular structure, deep down core DNA shifts and changes, solid years of internal work and this past year of recoding at a cellular level in ways that I have never done before - right now? It feels like it has hit physical reality. 

Changing my food intake this past month, my cells, my physiological and my bio-chemical way of processing has changed. 

I have not had ANY processed foods, no sugar, no carbs and about 1% vegetables, no supplements for this past month (moving into week 5 now). I have taken herbs consistently to kill parasites and pathogens... within 3 days I noticed HUGE changes, within 10 days, it was like a miracle pill... my body...

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"But, my Heart got it wrong" - No, it didn't honey..

"But, my Heart got it all wrong" - No, it didn't honey.. 

"Your Heart already knows, Trust it." 

I had many people comment and private message me the other day when I posted that quote, saying how much their Heart got it wrong, that they 'can never trust their Heart again, because it failed them' whether in relationships or some other choice they had to make - I am here to say to you, dear Soul, that no, your Heart didn't get it wrong. 

Most people get confused in their Heart. They feel confused, because they have been hurt, or betrayed in the past about what their Heart felt was right. 

And do you know what? I imagine at one moment in time, in that situation - your heart WAS right - but it never became wrong. 

Your Heart is ALWAYS leading you to the fastest route to your Life Purpose, to your Dreams, to your Desires. 

What happens, is that as soon as that direction changes within your Heart, let's talk relationship for example. 

There is a...

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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN for the 26th March 2019 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN for the 26th March 2019

Scroll down to find your number that you chose earlier today to see what message is awaiting you there from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards, by Doreen Virtue. 

OMG did you see? Reality Awareness Retreats have arrived!! Click here for all the details - time to CHILL OUT hey?

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Four of Gabriel. ‘Time for Celebration! Abundant rewards for hard work. Release yourself from burdensome situations.’

Ah, I am getting so strongly that it feels  like there has been a big revelation, a big lift a big, part of you that has felt like you have just been freed, come out of a cage and can now remember how to use your wings to FLY! I am sensing that it hasn’t come without some big burdens, as this card says - Release yourself from burdensome situations and I am wondering hat you have been ‘carrying on your...

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🔮FREE PSYCHIC READING for 26th March 2019 🔮

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 26th March 2019
Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today dear one!
DID YOU SEE?! Reality Awareness Retreats have arrived!! Time to CHILL and HEAL all in one, let alone connect with Soul Tribe!! Click on the link here for all the details:
I am curious what the Archangel Power Tarot Cards have in stall for you today, as they were deeply calling - your power and strength - it is time to rise dear one, rise out of the flames, be the Phoenix who returns
Reading results will be posted at 3pm AEST/5am GMT/9pm PDT
Create a magic day, afternoon or evening, where ever you are in the world
See you at 3pm AEST!
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Reality Awareness Retreat, Lombok, Indonesia, 11th-15th October 2019

Reality Awareness Retreat, Lombok, Indonesia, 11th-15th October 2019

The Divine time has arrived for Reality Awareness Retreat in 5 Star Luxury to allow you to surrender to Deep Spiritual Healing, Life Purpose Activation and Soul Tribe Connections to last a lifetime. 

What will be happening at Reality Awareness Retreat?

  • Life Purpose Activation
  • Lumerian Soul Coding 
  • Full Moon Ceremony
  • Waterfall Healing
  • Ceremonial Invocations
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide 
  • Star Being Activation System Upgrades
  • Chanting 
  • Lightfilled Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Crystalline Grid Activations 
  • Energetic, Physical, Mental, Spiritual Body Upgrades & Deep Spiritual Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Akashic Record Healing
  • Psychic Development
  • Past Life Healing 
  • Chakra Alignment, Clearing, Activation & Energetic System Upgrades
  • Deep Connection to Your Higher Self
  • Meet Likeminded Soul Tribe Friends
  • Memories to Take Home Forever
  • Life Purpose Acceleration

This is a dream...

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Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 25th March 2019 🔮


Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 25th March 2019

Reality Awareness Retreats are here! Click here for all the details:

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#energyupdate 20th March 2019

#energyupdate I am seeing a lot of people say they are struggling with the energies right now, that it is dark, they want to give up, throw it all in, throw the baby out with the bath water and what's the point to anything right now. Is that you? This past few days to a week?
There are people on highs and there are people on lows and there are people flicking between them both.
Right now there are:
~ huge collective waves stripping the past bare and leaving no stone unturned
~ huge waves of emotional cries, tears, outbursts
~ situations landing in your lap
~ situations being taken away from you
~ feeling like you've been blamed for things you have not done
~ feeling like you've been raped, whether energetically or your boundaries DEEPLY crossed
~ you don't know which way things are going to go and are sick and tired of wondering wtf is happening
~ you might be...
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Yes, I have a full on busy life at this time, yet something wasn't right, something was getting worse and I knew that something wasn't working properly. I knew I had to take drastic action and deal with this now and within 10 days my symptoms had disappeared.
I am not on any supplements, I am not on any pills, medication or some miracle pill (although it feels like it!).
I have been flicked from vegetarian, vegan and more over the last 15 years and something was getting worse, even when I would fast or eat raw, something just wasn't healing and I was getting worried, this isn't normal. Fasting and raw is supposed to heal, so what is going on with my body?
I have had symptoms of:
Brain fog, reduced memory
Dropping into depression and fast
Bloating, dry skin, always thirsty but couldn't drink...
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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 19th March 2019! 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 19th March 2019!  

Scroll down to find your number that you chose earlier today to see what the Magical Messages from the Fairies have for you today ‍

APPLICATIONS CLOSING SUNDAY NIGHT FOR OUR GOAL REACHER PROGRAM 6 x Intuitive Coaching Calls, 3 x Distance Healings, 1 x Cracking The Code Session, Unlimited Psychic Readings and Unlimited in between support - 3 Months you and me beautiful one! If you're wanting to move fast on your goals and bring them to fruition, this is the one for you. Click here for all the information before this closes

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Daughter. “The answer to your question involved your daughter.”

So, of course, first of all if you don’t have a daughter, then this will relate to your Inner Child and/or someone who is like a daughter to you. I am getting the sense that they are such a strong part of your Life Purpose - that, even more so...

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