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Psychic Readings 🔮 topics covered: Coming in the LIGHT with the burst of energy that is available to you; The tiredness, fatigue, raw vegan, fasting, vegetarianism, the meat vs vegetarian 'debate' and the Spiritual Separate/Divide & Conquer Control that goes with that, blood types; Dream state visitors - are they good or bad?
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🔮 Reading Results are IN 🔮 for 29th September 2020

Reading Results are IN for 29th September 2020

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today to see what messages are awaiting you there today from the Magical Messages from the Fairies ‍‍

With everything that I have been through and where Spirit took me over this past 8 months on the road and then moving house after 8 years of being in the one place, something HUGE shifted inside of me and even though I might look the same, I am not the person I was just 8 months ago!

With these huge, deep internal transformations, this is the final time EVER that I will be releasing my 21 Day Shifter Program at $197.

On Friday AEST the price increases to $444 being the only option, so click here before this disappears forever more:

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Perfect Timing “This is the right time to move forward.”

‘Don’t hold back’ is what...

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~ waves of dropping so low, or that it feels like everything is falling apart and the world just dropped out from underneath your feet
~ you can't seem to understand why that person is angry at you, but you won't leave either
~ you may be struggling with a loss of identity and struggling with who you are, what you stand for (because you don't know anymore!), or what you are meant to be doing right now
~ you had it all together and all planned out and it seems that every time this happens, everything changes - yet again
~ you are questioning why one moment you felt on top of the world and another minute you are lower than you've been in MONTHS if not years and questioning everything again
~ you are fed up with your current situation but you feel sooo damn stuck at how to change it, but can feel this entrapment 'loop' that is going on for you and feel like screaming your lungs out at the 'stuckness'...
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🔮FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 29th September 2020 🔮

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 29th September 2020  

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.

Tired of being confused? Don't know the answer or which way to go? Wanting to know what decision to make about your relationship or career? Wondering what on Earth this World stuff has to do with your Life Purpose or what that even is? The big questions, the hard questions, the life changing decisions - the deepest support right here, on the 21 Day Shifter Program

$197 Level Closing THIS Friday Midnight AEST

Intuitive Guidance, Psychic Readings, Questions & Support

~ Unlimited Psychic Readings
~ Unlimited Voice & Text Messaging
~ Unlimited Support
~ Psychic Development 
Intuitive Psychic Support & Guidance
~ Intuitive Coaching 

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Crystalline Chakra Journey - Welcome to Throat Chakra Week 💙


Welcome to Throat Chakra Week Understanding Shadow Work, Releasing the Reason You Are Stuck & Blocked, Understanding Your Psychic Gift, Releasing Burnout, Overwhelm and Exhaustion & This Is THE Key That Will Change The World. As an Ancient Blooded Healer, As A Lightworker - THIS is Your Divine Responsibility, Your Life Purpose and the Reason You Are Here. Crystalline Chakra Activations:

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Troubled Teenagers 😫 Answering all your questions about your troubled kids ❤️


Troubled Teenagers 😫 Ask me your questions about your troubled kids ❤️ I’ll respond from a Conscious Parenting perspective 🕊

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#energyupdate Tsunamis, Earthquakes, 'Odd' Weather Patterns, old flames reappearing and disappearing just as fast,

#energyupdate Tsunamis, Earthquakes, 'Odd' Weather Patterns, old flames reappearing and disappearing just as fast, something you thought was long lost has returned and... it's time to take the leap you've been thinking about

Just this week:

~ bloating

~ gas

~ not being able to stop crying

~ shaking in your body that seems uncontrollable and can't stop

~ tsunamis

~ earthquakes

~ old patterns surfacing like *instantly* you are 'in' them, but pull yourself out just as fast, if not for the first time as fast as you have ever done before

~ stricter boundaries with self (being able to say no more easily)

~ huge realisations and downloads about your next steps

~ clarity reigns about a seemingly long standing issue

~ something you thought would never happen in your life, suddenly walks in

~ deep, deep, core healing and shifting from archaic structures 'effortlessly'

This week, I have seen so many share about bloating and gas and they never experience this.

I have experienced...

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😫 TROUBLED TEENAGERS 😫 (And Children!) 😫


I have been getting many, many questions about this topic and it is time I spoke about this! I am feeling called to debunk A TONNE of myths about this topic AND give you tools to support you to return the sacred peaceful bond to your teenager and pre-teen (and child!) asap!

If you can't make the livestream and have questions or issues with this topic, please comment below and I will answer them live. We will cover (plus more!):

(All of this applies to your young child too - did you know that 99% of all teenager 'problems' starts before they are 3 years old?! Don't worry, your teenager is not 'not fixable' you just have to know how to approach it)

~ Teenagers who are lost, depressed, won't talk to you, won't open up to you and do the opposite of everything you ask

~ Teenagers who are so lazy and won't get off their device/screen and you are wondering what on Earth is going to change that

~ You can see they are struggling with the World...

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I have been taking my time and I have been Souloving it.

I have been taking my time and I have been Souloving it. 

Although I have been frustrated at times, my Soul has been loving it. 

This is how it is supposed to be - back in LIFE again or something it feels like. Back in the flow that... I am not on go go masculine overdrive burn out go go mode. 

Some days I work fast and 'push' - but there is a different energy to it, a different energy BEHIND it. 

I think that is the difference from masculine, over-responsibility, 'have to do it all myself/pick up the pieces for the family lineage scapegoat generational role' that has manifested in me being too much in my masculine energy attracting men that are very feminine and deeply attached to their mothers it makes me dry reach (sorry not sorry guys!), however, that was a direct reflection of my energy and what I have been in, thus, attracting that.. which I didn't want. 

The difference in energy I feel these days, is hard to describe. 

I sleep so deeply, but I am...

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The Spiritual Trap Empath’s, Lightworker’s & Ancient Blooded Healers fall into.

The Spiritual Trap Empath’s, Lightworker’s & Ancient Blooded Healers fall into. Plus, karmic relationship cycles, anxiety, vertigo and the super high frequency technologies infiltrating your system right now 💗💎💗
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