You are provided with a deep understanding and road map of how to use your Sacred Life Purpose Gift
Energetic Upgrades, reactivation Soul DNA codes are also provided in this session as your Sacred Life Purpose Gift is uncovered
Strengthen your Sacred Life Purpose Gift
Realise, understand and incorporate your Life Purpose deeply into your life
Enhance your healing sessions in your business, career and relationships
Activate your Unique Blueprint Code
I am deeply humbled to be the conduit to help people with this, every single person is so unique and the gifts and spiritual understanding and healing that comes through... totally amazes me.
Spirit is incredible - YOU are incredible and what you are here to do - amazing is an understatement.
Deeply, humbled...
All the details for these Cracking the Code Sessions and to books yours, ...
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Realm Attunement Meditation

Do you have my FREE Realm Attunement Meditation?

With Life Purpose Blueprint DNA Upgrades, Energetic Enhancements & Activations to strengthen and build your intuition and recalling memories of your Past Lives, let alone the fact you get to go HOME to your place you lived/were/are from, before you came here on Earth -

YES - I keep telling you, if you put my FREE content INTO ACTION and actually USE it - you will exponentially shift your life. THAT is important to me.

My Realm Attunement Meditation is found in the FREE Essentials Meditation Pack and you can click here to download it now:

This Meditation I recommend doing with concentration (unlike the Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation that you can do whilst multi-tasking like doing the dishes), this one I recommend sitting or laying down to listen to and taking some time after the meditation to write and draw your experiences from the meditation in your...

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Life Purpose Accelerator

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW Want complete access to everything PLUS high level personal mentoring with me to hone your intuitive skills, reawakening your dormant skills, activate new ones and remember why on Earth you are here in the first place?
With total access all areas pass with:
~ Lifetime access to Trust Your Intuition & Rapid Ascension Awakening which are your gateways to Certification as an Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator PLUS your Advanced Certificate
~ 12 Months high level mentoring with me including unlimited voice and text message support, unlimited psychic readings,
~ 2 x 1 hour phone calls per month for 12 Months
~ Cracking The Code, Uncovering Your Sacred Life Purpose Gifts Session
~ 2 x Distance Healings
~ Access to any content I create...
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⚡️2 HOURS TO GO before the Investment Increases ⚡️

2 HOURS TO GO before the Investment Increases
If you've ever wanted to increase your:
Psychic Development
Clair Organs - Healing, repair, strengthening and how to tell what is your strongest and more
How to amplify your intuition
Connecting, meeting, repairing and more to Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Spirit Guides, Crystal Kingdoms,
Soul Retrieval
Shadow Work
Energetic Diagnostics
Deep Trauma Healing (in a gentle, deeply supportive and very, VERY effective way)
Planetary Healing (Mother Earth, Father Sun)
Family Healing (Inner Child, Mother, Father & More)
Generational & Karmic Healing
Relationship Healing
The Divine Balance - Masculine & Feminine Healing & Integration
Connect with the power of the Moon Goddess, attune your cycles, reclaim your power and learn...
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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 29th January 2019 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 29th January 2019

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today to see what messages The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards have for you today 

FINAL HOURS before the investment increases for Trust Your Intuition, step into your Lightworking role and become a Certified Intuitive Healer with Trust Your Intuition:

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Indecision. I use my intuition in all aspects of life.

What does your intuition say? Oh, but you aren’t sure because you keep flicking? Keep changing your mind? Indecision is the biggest paralysis analysis there is! What is actually is? Is your head overtaking your heart. Your heart always knows, your intuition always knows, yet your mind will always talk your heart out of what it wants to do, what it knows it is meant to do. So what is that decision you are grappling over? I am sensing that there is some big...

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Are there times you feel lost, confused or just blah and what is going on with my life?!

You might feel at times like you:
don’t know why you are feeling like you are feeling
don’t feel yourself
feel confused
don’t know which way to go or what direction to move forward in
continually ask everyone else for their opinion (yes, including your oracle/tarot cards too much!), instead of plain out trusting yourself
don't even know what it feels like to trust yourself or have that clarity you have forgotten what it feels like to feel in flow again
constantly waking up in the night and can't sleep
have physical pain and illness that just isn't getting better even when you've tried everything
feel floored with tiredness and wiped of your energy after being around certain people or places
hear about all this ascension stuff and the shift and the event and vibrations in your body and more and just want help understanding it all because 'what is actually going on with my life?!'
know that you have a gift but have hidden it...
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FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 29th January 2019 🔮

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 29th January 2019
Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today
Reading results will be posted at 3pm AEST/5am GMT/9pm PST
The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards, by James Van Praagh were calling forth today, so I am deeply curious what comes through for you today. Lesson, Life Purpose Alignment, this is what this is all about today
Plus final hours before the investment increases for Trust Your Intuition at midnight tonight AEST, if you really want to stop doubting yourself one moment more, now is the time, click here to jump in before this increases:
See you at 3pm!
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen
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Reclaiming your power, honouring your worth

When you realise the depth of value of your message and your worth, you won't spend one moment more of your time or energy on what is not that Instead, choosing with great power, the reason you were born

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Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 🌟 28th January 2018

Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 28th January 2018
Trust Your Intuition is OPEN NOW, investment increases tomorrow night:
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The chaotic Divine Feminine cannot and should not be tamed….

The chaotic Divine Feminine cannot and should not be tamed….
She is wild, fierce, gentle and calm all at the same moment.
She is your wrath, your fury, your poison and your food all at the same time…
She is WITHIN you and IS you….
If you try and contain Her you will be depressed and not sure of why life is treating you the way it is…
You will be inner conflicted CONSTANTLY you will not be able to make decisions and second guess yourself ALL THE TIME.
When you HONOUR HER EMBRACE HER AND ARE HER…. you allow life to FLOW and BECOME YOU….
The fire, the wrath, the fury, GUIDES you….. and becomes your POWER, your SELF CONFIDENCE, your WORTH, your COURAGE….
And notice life starting to treat you differently as you treat HER different, completely honouring HER - you honour YOU.
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