HUGE energetic wake ups, patterns that you’ve been trying to shift for eons - gone.

HUGE energetic wake ups, patterns that you’ve been trying to shift for eons - gone. Just. Like. That.
THAT is what Solstice and this months Full Moon is bringing to you.
Huge waves of grief coming in - letting go - let it! Drop into it. Feel it. The fastest way to move through it is to - well, move through it!
People that you have been wanting to let go of for some time - GONE.
It feels like huge collective patterns are totally being disintegrated - or more like - you are moving away from them now.
You may try and rekindle the relationship - leave it on a ‘good note’ - yet you are being met with a barrage of what has been and they are not ready to let it go yet.
This may deeply hurt your sensitive empath Heart - yet, you also grieve and allow yourself this grief, because you can totally see the big picture, the patterns they are still playing into right now.
I would get fuming,...
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Relentless, Relentless, Relentless….Summer & Winter Solstice & our Full Moon

Relentless, Relentless, Relentless…. I heard this over and over in my head and wondered what it was about… and then realise messages were trying to come through… over and over….
#energyupdate Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) Full Moon Ceremony, live online this Saturday (Friday if you are not in AEST)
Full Moon is on it’s way…so is Solstice... What a gift - Full Moon this close to Christmas - cause that is what every one needs is a little bit more crazy and hectic right?
There has been a ‘let go’… you have just started to gain traction… but BOOM - here it comes again - another thing - even though there has been a let go and catching up on things, getting things done, moving forward - there is a ‘let go’ but in a way of, okay now time to deal with this, but wasn’t, ‘planned’ to happen now to have to deal with...
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❤️ Follow Your Heart Anyway ❤️


 Follow Your Heart    


Doesn’t always mean it is the easy way or that it makes logical sense following your Heart.    


It does mean the fastest evolution for your Soul’s growth.   


It does require you to feel your Heart to receive the full lessons of your Soul's growth.    


It does mean that by feeling your whole Heart, you are able to receive those lessons and grow deeply through and from them.    


It does mean that your Heart muscle becomes stronger each and every time.    


It does mean, that your Intuition becomes clearer and stronger as a result.    


It does mean, it get's easier and easier to CHOOSE Joy.    


Because that IS a choice.    


And that choice get's easier and easier, that muscle becomes stronger and stronger - the joy muscle.   


Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it feels like...

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My Personal Story of how and why the Triple Goddess & Triune God Came to Me

My Personal Story of how and why the Triple Goddess & Triune God came to me, where it all started and how several years ago and why the pieces of the puzzle have only recently come together - coin and all.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!! For 18th December 2018 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!! For 18th December 2018

Scroll down to see what messages are awaiting you from the Soul's Journey Cards today 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Death. ‘I am learning that endings are merely beginnings.’

This card can scare people, yet, the Death card - as it says, endings are merely beginnings. You can even say that the end of this year is a death - for we will never get 2018 back, except for in our minds. Even though this Death card has many meanings, endings, beginnings, Dark Night of the Soul, things that feel like Death, I am getting the message about letting go, letting go of trying to figure things out, letting go of how to make it happen, letting go of control. When you have been fretting and worrying and figuring things out and you are exhausted from trying all avenues and your mind is constantly worrying about things, yes - exhausting! Just like the seasons change from Autumn to Winter and 2018 will...

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Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, where ever you are in the world dear Soul! Are you ready for Christmas? How are you feeling about Christmas?


Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are drawn to, that you just know or you just sense and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.


Reading results will be posted at 3pm AEST/5am GMT/9pm PST 


Today it is the Soul's Journey Lesson Cards, by James Van Praagh that were calling for Tuesday Tarot today, so I look forward to seeing what Soul messages want to flow through for you today 

Your 2019 Personal Psychic Readings will close in just over 10 days, so if you want me by your side as your Personal Psychic for 2019, click here for all the details or email me back with any questions about it: ...

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This past 3-6 months have been hell for me. Good hell and bad hell. Or is that even a thing?

I feel like I have been broken in all areas. I have had shakes up, break downs, breath throughs. I have walked through all emotions that I thought I never would feel again.

And I am again, rising from the fire.

But this time it is different.

Something has changed.

I am not who I used to be.

Some of you will grow with me and my changes.

And some of you won’t resonate with me anymore and you will walk away from me forever.

But one thing I know, I cannot not go through these transformations that I am.

I can’t stay stagnant.

I can’t stay being the people pleaser that I once was.

That shit almost killed me. Literally.

And I have shed so much of my old self already that some of you aren’t even resonating with me anymore. That’s okay.

Yet, I choose not to stay who I once was. I love her, but She is evolving. And I am keeping...

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Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 17th December 2018


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Reactions, criticism and judgments 17th December 2018


Reactions, criticisms and judgements… Reactions have been the biggest issue in my relationships for so long. I am sharing why and what I have realised and why they are my biggest pitfall in… anything. What about yours? Plus… the truth about how I am really feeling about my relationship break up.

Not long before these close for 2019, Your 2019 Personal Psychic Readings:…

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Healing The Divine Feminine - The Triple Goddess

If you have any female issues, women issues, get yelled at randomly by women, feel like a scapegoat with women and more - this is the most powerful meditation for clearing it and for healing it at it's core, where it originally came from - not just for your lifetime - but for the previous generations in your family and beyond.
This is also powerful in healing the collective wounds of anything associated with Femininity, whether that be:
~ sexuality
~ The Mother Wound
~ receiving issues (receiving love, a relationship, creating a baby, creating a project)
~ any female physical body issues
~ any relationships in your life whether family, blood family, soul family, friends, work colleagues or people you don't even know that are a female
The Triple Goddess Healing & Integration Meditation found in The Divine Balance is your Sacred Key to this deep Healing of the Divine Feminine.
Click here for...
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