#energyupdate You're Either Holding On or You're Letting Go

#energyupdate You're Either Holding On or You're Letting Go

Phew... some energies this week right? Glad that wave is over right? 

Yet for some... it is still around yes? 

And right now, you're either holding on, or letting go. 

You have probably had some MAJOR event happen this week yes? 

On Thursday we had a HUGE Schumann's Resonance spike, PLUS Solar Flares sweep through... Yep - I'll be more aware of that one next time! PHEW! 

TheSchumann's Resonance is the our Earth's Heart Beat so to speak and when this is combined - usually at the same time (are they even separate?! ) - they affect OUR Heart! 

I know 4 people that had Heart attacks on this day - coincidence?? NOPE! 

And how many were bawling their eyes out this week and just COULDN'T STOP CRYING? 

How many were SUPER SENSITIVE and FELT everything 100x more than usual? 


How many could describe the energies as INTENSE to say the...

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The concept of letting my child do what she wants when she wants seems radically outrageous

The concept of letting my child do what she wants when she wants seems radically outrageous....

Yet, any new concept can bring about the same reaction...

The same reaction to a new person that is... the concept of letting a child do what they want when they want, isn't actually that new...

When Adaya was capable of pointing at things, I let her choose her own clothes.

"Oh my! That is outrageous! Why would you let a child wear what they want?! They need to wear the pretty little dress I bought for her before she grows out of it. She doesn't know what she wants. Force her into this." #myth 

#truth: Babies and children understand what we are saying, long before they can talk properly. When Adaya was less than 2 years old and not talking, it used to be common occurrence that I would pull out the most beautiful dresses or skirt and top that she had, that her Dad had bought her top label, and she would shake her head strongly saying no and I would say, "Well what do you want to wear...

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Logic vs Intuition ✨

Logic vs Intuition

Your Intuition is not logical. 

Your logical mind will never be able to figure out your intuition. 

Your logical mind will always try and find ANY reason to talk you out of what your intuition is guiding you to do. 

Your POWER in becoming a powerhouse of deep, sensual intuitive flow - is BECOMING your intuition. 

THAT, includes your logic. 

Gah. How does that work right?!?! 

Practise. Training. Discipline. 

It's not that your logic is bad. It is that you just need to know how to get your logic and intuition communicating. That takes a deep understanding of the two and how they are even in relationship to each other. 

Yes, your intuition is made up of many different aspects and parts and within that, there are also relationships within your intuition. 

Just like every thing in your reality is ALIVE - even the chair you are sitting on, even the table you eat off, they are ALIVE - how? The are all atomic moving energy...

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OKAY OKAY! I'M LISTENING! To Spirit.... and to Your Requests 💗🕊💗

OKAY OKAY! I'M LISTENING!  To Spirit.... and to Your Requests

I have been receiving many questions about what services I offer, what Psychic Readings I do and I have also been receiving lots of new information about what I am offering and the ways I am being of Service to you through Reality Awareness. 

There are new exciting pieces and many big changes here with all of these so, let me share them all here with you 

The biggest piece I have been working with my mentor on - is my 'Predictive Psychic Readings'. 

As you know, I don't like 'Telling people's future' because nothing is set in stone. Yet, when I give readings, they are deeply accurate, on point and give deep insight to what is going on to not just create the future you choose, but have insight as to what lays ahead, so you can prepare for what you want to create, rather than 'life happening to you'. 

With this, I have been 'scared' of predictive readings, because of the bad reputation that...

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Sounds silly right? Yet, I do. 

Right now, we are in this portal that I keep talking about. If you look back over the years, this time of year is always quite.... shedding one could say. 

It is when we are either going into a caterpillar cocoon into the darkness - or are the seed in the darkness of the soil that we don't realise is a seed about to hit the surface and feel the light again... 


We are coming out of the cocoon already, or we've already broken the surface of the soil and are feeling the light again. 

I will keep reminding you that we are in this portal of Halloween/Samhain - this is the marking point of heading into the dark winter... in the Northern Hemisphere of course. 

Then, on top of that, we are heading into Scorpio... one of the darkest Astrological signs for the simple fact that it is DEEP, dark, mysterious and mighty sensual. 

Many are experiencing right now: 

  • depression
  • a loss of motivation,...
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🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 22nd October 2019 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 22nd October 2019

Scroll down to see what messages have poured through from the Goddess for you today from the number you chose earlier today. 

FINAL DAYS before the investment for Trust Your Intuition INCREASES TO FINAL ROUND and then this investment will never be seen again! Click here before this increases beautiful one - you know your SOUL is calling you here: 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

Card #1: Mawu. Mother Earth. ‘You are called upon to help with environmentalism’

Ah, whenever this card comes up, of course, the obvious meaning with this card is environmentalism, activism and cleaning up your local areas, contributing to eco friendly products and systems. I like to take this card a step deeper and bring awareness to the energetic environment you spend time in as well. Of course, your energy, your aura, and cleansing your home environment...

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🔮FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 22nd October 2019 🔮

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 22nd October 2019

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose today.

Animal Shaman has deeply called from the depths within - I have been guided to hold a live Animal Shaman Activation on our New Moon/Dark Moon Portal next week that is a deep activation of grounding your truth, clearing the last decade and preparing for a prosperous 2020, just 3 days before our Halloween/Samhain next week.

Time to clear out, to truly embody your LIGHT to walk into 2020 shining brighter than ever before. Click here for all the details to join us for this Animal Shaman Live Activation.

Of course, the Goddess Cards were calling today, as in these 'dark portals' - the Darkness is deeply 'yin' and the most profound time to heal abandonment and...

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There is a time for learning and there is a time for doing it

There is a time for learning and then there is a time for blocking out the world and just doing the thing.

The more I block out what everyone else is doing and tune into my own heart, my own pace, my own space - the more I come into deep alignment with what I am meant to be doing on this planet.

It's amazing when you stumble upon something new isn't it?

You get excited you THRIVE and you come ALIVE!

Your energy is tangible AND you have soooo much of it!!!

And then you can start to get bogged down, tired most of the time and depressed.

"But this is what I thought I was supposed to be doing, it feels right, but why don't I have that same energy anymore? Why aren't I where they are when I know that is what I am meant to be doing. I am learning all this stuff - why aren't I feeling that way anymore? Where did it go?"

Then you get further down the spiral, start to delve into addictions to cover up the not good enough feelings you are feeling and more.


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This could be called an #energyupdate 

There is such a big Heart Healing & Purging going on, on the planet right now. 

A HUGE softening, a HUGE opening... 

Enough striving... 

Enough pushing... 

Deeply, stepping into receiving... 

Yet, it can feel like you are drowning in your own tears at times... 

It can feel like you are in the falling of a big abyss, with no way out, with no... end in sight, just a constant fall down a hole... 

A huge.... OPENING is happening right now on the planet... in people's HEART'S. 

This may be turning up in your reality as: 

  • ex's knocking on your door
  • old patterns showing up
  • people from your past life (in this lifetime - your old life, the you, you, used to be) 
  • taking bits and pieces from your past, but more like a turning over the old, releasing what is no longer serving you - a cleaning up of your past more so
  • huge deep...
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There is always work to be done, to support the continually unfolding of your Divine Life Purpose and the reason you were born on this planet, but that doesn't come from forcing or wishing it would happen sooner than it is meant to. 

Usually the time we are in that space, are the times we are learning valuable lessons that feel like a hell hole with no way out and wtf is the point of being here and doing all this seemingly pointless stuff in the first place? 

Yet, it is a time when our Soul is gaining the deepest lessons for our unique individual path, that are usually not clear at the time and make us give up all hope and faith. 

It is in these times, that people call the Dark Night of the Soul - that are the times we are about to be what they call Born Again. 

Jesus for me - is the Christ CONSCIOUSNESS. 

Being Born Again - for me - 

is the new LAYER OF...

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