Day #24: How to Be Energised

Day #24: How to Be Energised

This here? This Yellow? This is your Solar Plexus. Solar - this is your SUN - this is your POWER CENTRE and this is how you are energised or completely flattened. 

How can you be completely flattened or drained of energy from this place here? 

There are many ways, but one I am going to mention here today, is when you say yes, when you really mean no. 

As soon as you say yes to something, when you really didn't want to say yes - you have given your power away = instant drain. 

When you say yes when you really mean no, you open this channel to this person if you may, and you take on all their energy. 


You step out of alignment when you say yes when you mean no. 

Your light is dimmed if you may. 

And no one has done this but you. 

The part of you that says yes when you really mean no? 

Is a part of you that feels guilty in some way shape or form. 

It is just a part of you that cares for that person...

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Day #23: Your Powerful Heart

Day #23: Your Powerful Heart

You might be wondering how on Earth going through the colours has anything to do with Clearing Energy. 

It actually has EVERYTHING to do with Clearing Energy.

You know how I shared - that the colours of the Rainbow - are what you are? 

And that within a Diamond, no matter which way the light shines on it - Rainbows are born yes? 

And we all know the story of how the Diamond is formed right?  

These colours - that you are - when you get to know them in this intimate way that you have been over these past couple of days, you beam this light, these colours of the Rainbow that you are - they become, who you are, in a deeply conscious 'awake' and very ACTIVE way. 

"The Heart is about 100,000 times stronger electrically & up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain." - image & text author unknown. 

This simple diagram here - shows a powerful example of why I am ALWAYS talking about:

~ expand your Heart...

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The past 24 hours have been a energetic chaotic mess...

The past 24 hours have been a energetic chaotic mess... hugely intense emotions/feelings/energy and LOTS happening at once
If you've been feeling:
~ not yourself
~ confused when you don't usually get that way
~ over tired
~ under nourished
~ worn out
~ emotional
~ not being able to sleep
~ ready to take off in new directions and preparing for deep big change
~ elated beyond what you've felt before
~ going to new emotional/vibrational heights like you've never felt before
~ busy and have been for weeks through big changes
~ hearing unexpected 'out of the blue' changes that are going to affect what your future life looks like
~ that someone is leaving your life unexpectedly or you are leaving
It's collective - so take the pressure off yourself! Meaning - we don't 'blame' it on this BUT we take note and take extra care of ourselves...
That can look like:
~ logging off...
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Day #22: Your Deep Truth

Day #22: Your Deep Truth

As we drop through the Colours of the Rainbow THAT YOU ARE, it is here, today, we arrive at the Throat, this Light Sky Blue - as infinite and as far as you can see - and even beyond this Blue Sky - that you can look up and see outside - what is beyond the Sky Blue? 

Darkness. Infinite Darkness. With speckles of Light and complete whole nother worlds out there that haven't even been physically explored. 

And that? 

Is in your Throat too babe! 

Light Sky Blue - the conscious stuff you can 'see' - and then beyond that? 

The darkness, (which is ONLY unconsciousness btw) the stuff you 'don't' look at and what is IN there?

The infinite possibilities that you can tap into in your life - also exist here! This is actually a GOLD MINE. 

There is a depth here, that when we can see that just like the sky above you - everything exists in 1. conscious awareness and 2. in the places you are not conscious of (or can't see)

When you can look...

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Day #21: Listening Behind The Words

Day #21: Listening Behind The Words

If you resonate with being an empath - you probably do this without even thinking about it. This is second nature to you. 

Listening Behind The Words - means you pick up when someone is being inauthentic. 

And do you know what it is most of the time though? This, 'inauthenticity'?

Is that they don't even realise they are doing it themselves (not speaking their Heart's truth)


They don't know how to be authentic in their feelings and sharing their heart's true voice, for fear of hurting the other persons and/or getting hurt by someone's response 


They don't know how to articulate what they are feeling. 

The Ear Chakras, which is this Magenta Pink, is all about listening, listening within, listening to the outside world, listening to other realms and listening behind the words. The Ear's the Heart and the Base Chakra's are deeply, deeply connected. 

The Ear's - this Pink - is very, very nurturing, very...

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READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!!

OMG sooo excited to be celebrating 2 consecutive years of never missing a single Tuesday Tarot with you!!! If you would like deep support to shift you like you've never experienced in such a short space of time and want to get to the core of it for good this time, then this is your opportunity beautiful one! Click here for all the details:

Mmmm, a lot of productive joyful and deeply shifting energy through the Archangel Power Tarot Deck today! 

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today and see what Archangel has a message for you today. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Eight of Gabriel. ‘A great deal of activity. Sudden and immediate results. Important communication.’

Ah the card of change! Well, not really! But this is the energy I feel from this card - the energy is a flutter, the shifts are here and it...

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FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 21st August 2018

FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 21st August 2018
Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are drawn to, that you just sense, or you just know and comment your number below to let me know what number you choose for today.
I look forward to channeling the messages from the Archangels through the Archangel Power Tarot Card Deck for you today
Reading results will be posted at 4pm AEST today
August marks a deep celebration of 2 consecutive years of Tuesday Tarot!!! I have never missed a Tuesday in 2 years To celebrate, I was intuitively guided to drop my 21 Day Shifter Program from $997 to $97 for the month of August in deep honouring of this significant milestone!
Unlimited Psychic Readings
Unlimited Questions
Unlimited Voice Messages
Unlimited Text Messages
for 21 Days Straight.
We can work on your:
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Day #20: Deep Indigo Blue Clearing & Healing

Day #20: Deep Indigo Blue Clearing & Healing

This one - this Deep Indigo Blue - I have received the message - is like a 'Truth Teller'. 

You can imagine this Deep Indigo Blue like a bubble around someone, some thing or a situation you are needing clarity on and imagine this Deep Indigo Blue, around the situation, person or thing you are wanting to know the truth about. 

If this sort of thing is 'new' for you - if you can get into a deeply relaxed meditative state and then imagine this Deep Indigo Blue in your minds eye, your imagination - or literally imagine it in front of you like a big bubble. 

Then ask to see the truth about the situation that is on your mind, the truth about a person or something that is happening. 

I am also getting the message you can use this to locate a missing item! So you can ask where this item is, and trust the messages you receive in this Indigo Blue Bubble. 

I am also getting the message that if you are picking up...

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There is an energy sweeping the planet right now... but you don't have to 'buy' it...

There is an energy sweeping the planet right now... but you don't have to 'buy' it... (believe it's true) #energyupdate
It may make you:
~ doubt yourself when you don't usually have those thoughts
~ do behaviours you don't usually do
~ clean/rearrange your entire house and more somewhat effortlessly
~ have contact from ex's in person, phone or dreams - trying to see if it will work again, or if it is truly done now, healing past karma/trauma (and from others that are not ex's!)
~ releasing carried feelings/guilt/anger and more that is not yours
~ feel a deep gratitude for where you are at in your life right now, how far you've come, how much forward movement you feel is about to 'hit the ground running'
~ feel a deep gratitude for your past lovers for everything you went through because it has made you who you are now
~ questioning yourself, when you usually don't even think about that at all!
~ feeling like you need to get deeply prepared,...
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Day #19: Purple Light Clearing & Healing 💜

Day #19: Purple Light Clearing & Healing 

This Purple Light, I received intuitively not long ago in a way I never knew it could be used before and just today, driving, I received the intuitive message about it that is 'God Light' - that this Purple Light - can be used, like a laser, that you direct from your finger - and can 'seal wounds' and more - just like how when we get a cut on our body, that our blood coagulates and repairs our wound and returns to skin (or scar) - so too, can we use this Purple Light, to

~ seal cracks and repair hair line cracks in physical man made items that may be damaging the Earth (like leaking petrol/fuel station tanks under the ground!)
~ seal cracks in just about anything 
~ deeply heal wounds on our skin
~ seal up bedrooms/rooms/houses and more, to create a deeply nourishing space inside, to keep you safe, allow you to have 'energetic space' from people, places or things

How exactly do you use this Purple Laser Light? (sounds...

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